All future Society's meetings will also be relayed online. To join our Zoom Meetings please send a request to our Chairman George Sallit at this special Zoom registration email address: . You will also need to download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or PC.


Next Meeting 7th January 2022

Space Traffic Control - Stewart (Royal Astronomical Society)

This will be a Meeting at St Francis de Sales Church Hall - DIRECTIONS

This meeting will also be relayed live on Zoom - ZOOM HELP



Next meeting Wednesday 19th January 2022

Will meeting will be at the Village Hall, Stock Cross, RG20 8LN - DIRECTIONS

The theme this month will be: 'The Birth, Life and Death of a Star'

Including a 'What's up' guide around the night sky for the month

This meeting will also be relayed live on Zoom - ZOOM HELP

Due to the present circumstances it is unlikely that we will be able to hold physical meetings for the rest of this year and perhaps for the foreseeable future. Current members and any new members will be asked to register their membership for next session 2021 2022 on-line.

We will also be asking external speakers to present on line talks at the main meetings so we will try to reinstate two meetings a month (our Main Speaker Meetings and the Beginners Meetings). Steve Harris will continue producing the monthly magazine and What's Up during the summer months. Given the current restrictions we will try to keep these on-line meetings going through the summer months.

There will be many details to resolve and we are now busy setting up our on-line meetings. As soon as possible details will be published on our websites including how to use the Zoom on-line meeting app. It is appreciated that not everyone is on-line but we are trying to get the best outcome for most members.

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